4 weeks ago

Sadat & Soha Stand Against Teenage Rape in Bangladesh

MEHERPUR, Bangladesh — Sadat and Soha, tenth-grade students at Meherpur Government High School and Meherpur Government Girls High School, are highly sensitive friends who are always conscious of their individual rights and the collective rights of their classmates.

They have collectively undertaken several initiatives on child rights, including campaigns against bullying, ensuring child safety, preventing child marriage, ending child labor, and advocating against teen rape.

Their friendship and collaborative initiatives serve as exemplary to all, especially for Shahi in Bangladesh, where they have done much for children. In 2021, Shahi initiated The Startup IO, consisting of three branches: Startup Cyber, Girls TeenSafe, and Kids Helplink, working tirelessly across all 64 districts of Bangladesh for child rights protection. The concept for Girls TeenSafe within Shahi’s initiative was inspired by his friend Maisha Maliha Soha. Currently, both are working together for the protection of children’s rights.

Already Shahi Al Sadat has been recognized by several international media outlets. In Bangladesh, numerous media platforms have highlighted Shahi Al Sadat as a symbol of hope for the nation.

When we asked about Soha to Sadat, Sadat said, “We are very good friends, and together we are striving to make this world a livable place for newborns and to establish child peace. We are hopeful.

Overall Shahi Al Sadat & Maisha Maliha Soha
are actively engaged in protecting rights and serve as examples to everyone. When you see Sadat and Soha, you can understand that it’s possible for a boy and a girl to maintain a beautiful friendship even today.